Villa Lorenza Resort

At Villa Lorenza resort, visitors are provided with facilities and amenities for thei comfort and convenience away from the noise and hassles of the urban areas. It has four swimming pools, children playground, and a chapel. The villa's pavilion is a favorite venue for weddings, birthday celebrations and parties. Visitors and guests may also avail one of its native cottages and elegant rooms for accommodation.

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Bahay na Bato

Bahay na Bato is an iconic site in the town having been built in 1573 during the Spanish regime as evidenced by its ancient aesthetic and architectural layout suggestive of a beautiful colonial Spanish home. Located just outside the archway of the historic church, this old structure resembles that of the elegant heritage homes seen in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

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Kawayan Farm

Kawayan Farm was established in 1980 when a special breed of bamboo was made to grow for reforestration. It was known that no less than President of the Philippines Corazon Aquino, visited the farm during its early days. The farm features an overlooking view of Laguna Lake together with its bamboo inspired restaurant as a favorite resting place for travelers and riders conquering the uphill climb to Sitio Mahabang Sapa.

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54 MW Wind Farm

The amazing state-of-the-art wind turbine easily became an attraction with its gigantic fan blowing winds, as if reaching the Laguna Lake. The 54 megawatt is estimated to generate almost 150 giga watt hours which can supply power to about 66,000 households in the Province of Rizal and the Metropolis.

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Mt. Sembrano

Mt. Sembrano is now one of the popular hiking destinations in the region. Described as a mountain jutting out of the Laguna Lake lika a frigate, it offers challenging trails to the summit. Its peak is measured at 745 meters above sea level which hikers afford an enchanting view of the largest freshwater lake in the country, the Laguna Lake.

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St Mary Magdalene Church

This church was built in the 1600 making it one of the oldest structures in the town. Guided by its patron saint, the church played and important role in shaping the town's history. This imposing edifice has stood the tests of time having been hit by the fire twice and withstood a number of earthquakes. Its altar is an amazing work-of-art preserved in the tradition of the old Spanish era.

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