Soil Characteristics

Three distinct soil types namely, Bantay Loam, Antipolo Clay Loam and Antipolo Clay, form part of Pililla’s land. The red to reddish brown soil of the Antipolo series developed from igneous and other volcanic rocks, while Bantay Loam is characterized as brown to dark brown loam surface soil. Highly weathered and tuffaceous materials characterize the upper subsoil. Igneous or volcanic rocks line the lower part of the subsoil, especially basalt of various degrees due to weathering and disintegration. In some places, the rocks are exposed on the surface. Basaltic boulders abound in sloping areas. The Antipolo series in Pililla is composed of two types: Antipolo clay and Antipolo clay loam. Antipolo clay loam has dark reddish brown tinge. When dry, it is finely granulated and friable but becomes slightly sticky when wet.


Soil Type

Area Covered

Antipolo Clay Loam

Imatong, Hulo, Town Proper, Bagumbayan, Halayhayin, SitioYakat, Quisao, Sitio Barak, Niogan and Malaya

Bay Clay Loam

Wawa and Takungan

Antipolo Clay

Mountain Area (Hulo, Halayhayin, Quisao, Niogan and Malaya)