Land Cover and Vegetation

Agricultural land accounted for 2,497.53 hectares, representing 30.39% of Pililla’s total land area. Rice, mango, coconut and pineapple were the dominant agricultural crops planted, while banana, citrus and watermelon followed.

Grasslands make up an estimated area of 382.40 hectares or 4.65%. These areas consist of grasses, shrubs and bamboo.

Existing built-up areas account for a total of 1,858.16 hectares representing 22.61 % of Pililla’s total land area with concentration in each urban expansion area of nine (9) barangays in Pilila. Other built-up areas can also be found in the farther areas of Hulo, Bagumbayan and Halayhayin.

An estimated 2,332 hectares or 28.38% of Pililla’s total land area are covered with thick trees which are considered woodland and ecological preservation areas located mostly in Barangays of Bagumbayan, Halayhayin, Quisao, Niogan and Malaya.

Estimated 22.53 hectares or 0.27% of the total land area, is devoted to aquaculture.