Mt. Sembrano

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Mt. Sembrano

Mount Sembrano is a volcano located between Rizal and Laguna of the Calabarzon region in the Philippines. Mt. Sembrano is situated about 60 kilometres (37 mi) east by road from the capital city of Manila.


Mount Sembrano lies between the boundaries of the towns of Jalajala and Pililla in Rizal province and the town of Pakil in Laguna. The mountain sits at the helm of Jalajala peninsula along the shore of Laguna de Bay and is surrounded by the lake on three sides. Along with Talim Island, the mountain forms the southeastern rim of the Laguna Caldera.[2]


Mt. Sembrano is now one of the popular hiking destinations in the region. Described as a mountain jutting out of the Laguna Lake lika a frigate, it offers challenging trails to the summit. Its peak is measured at 745 meters above sea level which hikers afford an enchanting view of the largest freshwater lake in the country, the Laguna Lake.

Credit to the owner of this photos.

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Pililla, Rizal
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